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Wednesday 14 March 201818.30

Members are invited to come along to the upcoming Gliding Club AGM where there'll be a chance for you to take up a committee role. There'll be some tasty free pizza!


As president, you oversee and are in charge of general club activities. You will be liasing with the student union, organising club expeditions and key events etc., and generally making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible - it's a very rewarding role!

Assists the President in all matters financial. You are responsible for budgeting events, approving expenditures, and making sure the president doesn't spend too much money on pizza. You will also have direct contact with the student union and gain plenty of administrative experience.

(Social) Secretary:
Deals with organisation of social events, Sports night, etc. Sends regular updates to club members about activities/news. Responds to club queries.

Encourages progression of members and welcomes/is a friendly face to new members on the airfield. Also responsible for organizing InterUnis team and entering other events/competitions deemed appropriate.

Firstly, we'll discuss club issues and then get down to the voting. If you're interested in applying for any of these roles then please send us an email at saying so. This meeting will be pretty informal.

Afterwards, we'll go out for some drinks!

This meeting is a fantastic chance to discuss what you expect and would like as a member of UCL Gliding Club - also, free pizza!!!

We also highly encourage ALL members to come along to vote, if not to run for a position. 

Reminder: you must be member of the club to attend the AGM and run for a position - we will be checking at the door!