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Monday 30 September 201918.30
UCL Connect.ed is a research community made for students by students.

Front and centre is our Flagship Research Mentorship Programme where we connect aspiring undergraduate students with UCL's high calibre of postgraduate researchers. Accompanying our Flagship Program will be a whole host of events and socials this year including Faculty-Themed Weeks, Connect.ed Career Stories, Research Panels and much more!

Come along to our first event of the year where you can meet our new committee, hear about our Flagship Research Mentorship Programme, our calendar and the many opportunities you can get involved in!

NON SCHOLAE SED VITAE DISCIMUS  ~  “We do not learn for school, but for life”

Our motto is our inspiration for the year ahead. Learn something new outside of the lecture halls. Enrich your mind. Be academic, social and connect.ed.