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Saturday 3 October 202020.00

Bring your drinks, your snacks, and your screens and join the Free Hype team for an online screening of The Social Dilemma this Saturday!  

This film made serious waves when it came out on Netflix in September. It’s all about how social media and social networking companies have used human psychology to rewire the human brain, and the broader effects this has on society.  

Social media management, user experience (UX) design, and search engine optimization are central to the creative industries, and we’ll be learning about and using them in our own work on Free Hype projects. This docu-drama is a great way for us to start thinking about the benefits and consequences of these technologies, and how we as creatives can be using them responsibly.

We’ll be screening using Netflix Party- it’s free so all you’ll have to do is download the chrome extension. You can join our discord server to get to know the committee and meet some fellow freshers before the film, or join in the discussion afterwards!  We’ll be organising the film screening in the Discord chat, but if for some reason you can’t access that then just message one of our social media pages and we’ll link you up :)