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Thursday 22 March 201818.00 to 21.00

The UCL Film & TV Society will be running its 2018 Annual General Meeting on Thursday, March 22, at Drayton House B20 Jevons LT.

The AGM is your chance to be on the committee for the 2018/19 academic year, and we highly encourage all members to come along to vote, if not to run for a position. The decisions made at the AGM will affect the direction of the society in the next academic year, and by running for the committee you can play a part in shaping that direction!


See the agenda for the AGM at:


- President

- Treasurer

- Secretary

- Marketing & Communications Officer

- Drama Producer

- Documentary Producer

- Workshops Producer

- Screenings Producer

- Socials Producer

- Blog & Podcast Editor-in-Chief

- Equipment Manager

- Studio Manager

- Welfare Officer

- Volunteering Officer

Find out more info on the positions at:

Any questions regarding the election process, message us on here or email us



- Those who have purchased either society membership (Social or Production) before 12:00 on March 12 may stand for any position and take part in the in-person vote at the AGM. Those who have purchased membership after the above date and time are not eligible to stand for any position (including President and Treasurer) or take part in the in-person vote.

- For online President/Treasurer Elections: members who have purchased membership before January 28 can take part in the online voting for these positions. Those who have purchased membership after the above date and time are not eligible to take part in the vote.

- Associate and visiting members of the society cannot run for election or take part in the voting.


- Up to TWO people can run together for any position, with the exception of President and Treasurer.

- When nominating themselves for a position prior to the AGM, a candidate can indicate a first choice and an optional second choice position. Please note: due to restrictions of the online voting format, you are not able to put President and Treasurer, or vice versa, as a first and second choice position respectively.

- Candidates for each position will leave the room at the start of the elections for the position.

- Candidates will be called in ONE BY ONE to make their speech.

Speech lengths are: maximum THREE MINUTES for President and Treasurer. Maximum TWO MINUTES for all other positions.

- Each candidate will be asked UP TO TWO QUESTIONS after their speech.

- Candidate will leave the room.

- For President and Treasurer, each candidate can have UP TO TWO ‘SECONDERS’ speak in support of their application, who the Chair will invite to speak following the respective candidate’s speech. Please note: the seconders may not be the current holders of the respective positions.

- The next candidate will be called in to make their speech.

Once we have heard from all candidates, they will leave the room and a vote will be conducted, with the ‘re-open nominations’ (RON) option as a candidate in each. (This does not apply to the President and Treasurer voting - see details below)


- Those who intend to run for the positions of President and Treasurer as their first choice position should, in addition to filling our application form, nominate themselves on the Students’ Union UCL website from 12:00 on Monday, March 12 at

- IMPORTANT: We ask that those who intend to run for President/Treasurer as a second choice position not nominate themselves on the SU UCL website until the outcome of their first choice candidacy is known on the night of the AGM.

- Speeches, questions and seconding statements will take place in as previously described. For those who have chosen a second choice position, the speeches, questions and voting for these respective positions will also take place.

-  While the SU website does present the option to write a manifesto, in the interest of keeping a level playing field between all candidates, we ask that you not write one. All candidates for all positions will need to prepare a speech, as previously described.

- If a candidate running for President/Treasurer as first choice wins the vote, their election win will be dependent on the result of the online Pres/Treas vote.

- In the case of a win in the online Pres/Treas vote, the second place candidate in the vote for the Pres/Treas candidate’s ‘second choice’ will win instead.

- Voting for the positions of President and Treasurer will take place on the SU UCL website from 12:00 on Friday, March 23 and will close at 12:00 on Friday, March 30.

- We will endeavour to make the speeches, questions and seconding for the President/Treasurer candidates available online by the time the voting opens on the 23rd.

Please note: If you are running for multiple positions, you will have to prepare speeches for each position you are running for.

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