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Thursday 15 October 202018.00

Extrava-band-za is an evening designed to bring as many music-lovers together as we can. If you love listening or performing music get involved!

Sign up online here, and you’ll be put in a band with other freshers of pretty much any level (Grade 1 standard is the lower bound!). You’ll have a week to learn two songs and put on a performance (likely to be a little rough around the edges) with your band. Your rehearsal will be supported and organised by a friendly and disgustingly "overqualified" seasoned member of our society as your band leader.

On show night, your band will perform your set, which will be live-streamed on our social media pages and our website so everyone can enjoy. Extrava-band-za is more about having a good time than robust musicianship, so the panel will look mainly at band chemistry and enthusiasm – getting the chords right earns bonus points (but isn’t really expected). There will be a prize for the performance our panel enjoys the most; making people smile is the aim of the game.

If you're not on campus for term 1, don't worry! We have something for you guys too. You'll be put in a band with other people who aren't able to make it to campus. You'll all get to know each other a bit, select some songs as usual but instead of performing live, you will record your own individual parts and we will edit them together to play during the live stream.

If you’re unsure about signing up – back yourself! This is really just an event for people to have fun and bond over their shared love of music. For those that are looking to play music at uni to a serious degree, and are looking to join a band, we really recommend signing up and strutting your stuff on stage; don’t miss your chance to shine early in the term.