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Wednesday 13 November 201914.30

The UCL Art Business Society will be taking a group to Sotheby's S│2 Gallery, where an exclusive exhibition tour of Huang Rui: Wild Children will be given. 

Please RSVP (for free!) at:

"A key figure in the emergence of the contemporary art scene in mainland China, Huang Rui was a founding member of the avant-garde ‘Stars’ group, active from 1979 to 1983; and co-published the radical, literary journal Today from 1978. In his experimentations in abstraction, Huang’s practice encompasses painting, the printed word, collage, photography and performance.

The year 1985 is considered a watershed moment in recent Chinese art—dubbed the ’85 New Wave Movement’—when artists from across the country participated in an outpouring of challenges to official, academic art. This ‘new wave’ paved the road for many of today’s most recognised figurative and conceptual painters from the mainland; interestingly, Huang Rui’s story diverges away from this now mainstream narrative as he left for Japan in 1984.

The S│2 exhibition title was taken from the Huang Rui’s term of affection for his artworks which he sees as disparate children brought back together in this exhibition." (Source: