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Monday 26 February 201817.30 to 19.00

****** We are very sorry to say that this event will have to be postponed until further notice due to the UCU strikes. We're sorry for any inconveniences this may cause. ****** 

Climate change and race are intertwined and international recognition of this is growing.

In the summer of 2016 BLMUK highlighted the intersectionality between climate change and racism when they staged a protest in major traffic arteries around the UK. Highlighting the fact that a report recently Black British Africans are 28% more likely than their white counterparts to be exposed to air pollution(1).

Climate change is also creating the rise of a new form of “climate refugees” who are losing their homes and being displaced from their communities. Many of these people are those who themselves have contributed very little to the crisis.

Join UCL healthy planet and the BME network for this much needed discussion.

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