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Tuesday 10 March 202018.30

As a leading investment company in China, Tusholding officially entered the UK market in 2018 and built an overseas campus in Cambridge science park. Under the theme of this activity, meet investors, the investment director of Tusholding UK is invited to share their experience in entrepreneurship and investment. Through this lecture, hope you can obtain a clearer cognition of the investment field, and I hope that students interested in the investment field can have further planning through this activity.

Topic prepared:
1. How does Tusholding operate in UK? What’s the investment differences between China and the UK (including hot investment areas/themes/trends in the UK and China markets)?

2. What are the common venture capital modes and differences, i.e. innovation lab, accelerator/incubator, enterprise venture capital, startup platform etc.

3. How to invest, where to invest/project preference?

4. Share the evaluation and judgment logic of the investors on the teams at different stages.

5. Successful case analysis.