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Friday 9 October 202010.00 to 13.00
We are extremely pleased to announce that we have confirmed the dates for the first dates for our DJ taster sessions. We will be running sessions from 10-1 on Friday 9th October, Saturday 10th October and Saturday 17th October with this date being a dedicated female only date. Sign up sheets at the bottom of the post and in the comments! You need some form of membership to be able to attend the session - this is stipulated by the union unfortunately. A remote membership will be fine - this is completely free!
We will be running the sessions at Pirate Studios Dalston
42-56 Tottenham Rd,
N1 4BZ
All you need to bring is some headphones and then if you’re attending an advanced session a USB with some songs on prepared on Rekordbox.
Just a reminder that we are running the sessions at 3 different ability levels:
10 - 11 - Beginner - Totally new or very minor experience DJing. These will be capped at 5 people.
11 - 12 - Intermediate - Those of you that have done a bit of mixing before and know the basic concepts of mixing.Capped at 4 people you’ll be able to come down and learn how to use CDJs.
12 - 1 - Advanced/Trial - For those of you comfortable playing on a club set up. This will be capped at 3 people and each of you will be able to come down with your own tunes and have a mix for 20 minutes. For those of you who are interested at playing at future events or on livestreams then you can use your 20 minutes as a trial mix. Don’t fret if you’d rather trial 1 on 1 - we will be looking to hold some in the near future.
Please only sign up for 1 session and if the session type you want is fully booked then add yourself as a reserve and drop a comment or message the page to let us know that you want more added and if depend is high enough we will add some more sessions.
Also, if you can no longer make a session then please let us know as soon as you can so that we can inform a reserve or offer the place out to someone else.
If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been told to self isolate then we kindly request that you stay home to keep everyone safe.