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Saturday 2 March 201910.00 to 21.00

Theme: ‘Disjointed Anatomies’ - the vivid wonder of the natural structures (human and non-human anatomy); the unexpected beauty of scientific images; the bizarre and the banal that the body has to offer. Interpret the theme as broadly as you wish. Most mediums are accepted, including:

  • Sculpture (e.g. clay, papier mâché)

  • Photography

  • Scientific images

  • Short film/ stop animation

  • Life drawings

Alternative art forms welcome! Do not hesitate to ask if in doubt.

UCL students and staff are invited to submit works for the exhibition. Submissions to with ‘Anatomy art exhibition submission’ in the subject line and include the following:

  • Your name 

  • Subject and year/role at UCL 

  • Image of the work

  • The title of the work

  • The medium

  • Dimensions and any other relevant details

Multiple submissions welcome.


  • First place: £25 voucher (of your choice)

  • Highly commended: Certificate

DEADLINE for submission: 11:59pm Sunday 24th February 2019.

Questions? Email Sharon Yip at  or message the UCL Anatomy Society fb page at

Get creating!