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Saturday 9 March 201919.30 to 22.30

UCL Dance Society is proud to announce the theme for this year’s 2019 Bloomsbury showcase: Illusion

It is our imagination that allows us to escape reality and gives us insight into the far greater and complex aspect of illusion. We can perceive the world in which we live and believe we are witnessing reality, but our minds can play tricks, and the line between reality and illusion is thinner than we think. There are some who believe life is an illusion, but can anyone truly differentiate between the two? How can we dive into the world of illusion but also stay in touch with reality?

Thursday 07/03/19  7.30pm

Friday      08/03/19  7.30pm

Saturday  09/03/19  7.30pm

Tickets are available here: Danceshow2019