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Tuesday 8 October 201917.00 to 19.00

"Wow! What are you knitting?" 
Everybody who crochets in public has heard this question at least once. But although crochet and knitting look similar, they are definitely not the same thing.
Are you curious as to what crochet is? Or are you a knitter who wants to see what the hype is all about? Or did you see a really cute crocheted plushie online and now you have made it your life-goal to recreate it? 
Whatever your background, this Crochet for Beginners event is for you! UCL KnitSoc will teach you the very basics: the chain stitch, single crochet and double crochet. After this event, you won't only know the difference between crochet and knitting, but you'll also be able to start your very own crochet project! 

Please note that FREE tickets are available for this event. These are not checked, but provide us with information about the number of attendees. If you plan on attending, please make sure to grab one of these tickets.

This event is part of Try it Fortnight. No society membership is required. Whether you're a fresher looking for a new useful hobby, Masters student who needs crochet to stave off the dissertation stress or PhD student who wants to decorate the lab. Everybody can crochet!

The location for this event will be announced sooner to the date.