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Monday 16 March 202017.00 to 18.00

The Annual General Meeting is upon us!

Come along to see who will be on the Comedy Committee 2020/21! All speeches will take place at this meeting so if you have nominated yourself be sure to be here to tell us why you want to be next year’s leaders!

Online elections will be taking place, here is a timeline for elections this year as follows:
Nominations open: Midday (12:00) 17th February
Nominations close: Midday (12:00) 4th March

Campaigning opens: Midnight (00:00) 12th March
Voting opens: Midday (12:00) 16th March

Voting closes/results announced online: Midday (12:00) 20th March

Follow this link to VOTE NOW —

We will also be approving our constitution, our current committee will present their officer reports for the year, as well as opening the floor to questions! There may or may not be snacks too..

See you all there!