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Friday 16 November 201817.30 to 20.30


What’s the event? 

A groundbreaking, UK-wide symposium that includes a film and panel discussion followed by a networking dinner on “Individuals and Climate Change”. National leaders representing science, media, religion,  politics, entertainment, education, business, environmentalism, and civil society come together at UCL to develop an action plan to engage  British society on climate change. This event is a product of UCL CAS and the UCL Business Society's Social Enterprise Division as part of UCL Guild. Additionally, it is a collaboration between 20 other UCL Clubs & Societies and 15 external student societies from across the UK. 

The panel will include a set of speakers from world renowned companies coming from a range of backgrounds; finance, fashion, geography, engineering, philosophy, acting, you name it! The event will end with dinner and a networking session giving everyone a chance to have a one on one hands on experience with a speaker of their interest to discuss anything from career aspirations to research suggestions. 

Directly affiliated with the United Nations Development Program, other endorsers include Selfridges, KPMG and Green Alliance UK. Please note the event will be covered by press including the BBC. 

“  I am delighted that UCL is leading the movement of UK university institutions in  evolving their relationship to both a higher and more action-oriented level.  Climate action needs all hands on deck if we are to ensure a healthy, sustainable  world and healthy citizens now and into the future." 

-Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of UN Climate  Change.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!


If you are an individual, student society or an external organisation that is interested in joining the organisation team, please contact the UCL Climate Action Society's President Aliza Ayaz