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Monday 5 October 202018.00

Journalists, get ready! The Cheese Grater Magazine is back again for another exciting year of Investigations, with our first meeting of the year. 

Come along to this informal meeting, where you can meet the committee, learn more about The Cheese Grater Magazine, and get an insight into what our Investigations team does.

Our Investigations team focus on unearthing the hidden stories here at UCL. In the past, we’ve covered the legacy of eugenics and racism at UCL, the treatment of disabled students at university, as well as other general debacles. If you’re curious about exploring similar stories, and want to meet a community of like-minded people, this is the meeting for you. 

No previous journalistic or writing experience is required, and if you think you would like to discuss some juicy ideas for our upcoming issues, or have a look at our past (award-winning) investigations, pop in! 

This is a chance to get to know the team and your fellow students at UCL. If you aren’t ready to take on any articles, that’s absolutely fine! Our team is always around to help you get settled into UCL, and help out with any questions you may have. We hope to see you there!

Here’s the link to the meeting: