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Wednesday 26 February 202019.00 to 21.00

UCL Comedy Club is looking for cast and crew of our Term 3 Bloomsbury Theatre show: Connection Lost. This is an excellent time to get involved with performing arts at UCL with any level of experience and without the stress of juggling it with uni schoolwork!

No prior prep needed - just come along!
Drop one any of the dates by Gordon House 209 to audition or interview for:
- Acting roles
- Assistant Producer role
- Assistant Director role
- Publicity manager
- Costume designer
- Hair/Makeup artists

This original comedic play tells the story of a group of lovable elderly characters who fumble their way into the world of technology. When the kind and patient course leader of the ‘Hampstead Silver Surfers’, Leonard, has to go away for a month, it’s up to the slightly less kind and patient Daniel to fill in. He has to teach the geriatric group the impossible: how to use a computer. Connection Lost is a funny and touching play, exploring themes of technology and the relationships between young and old.

Term 3: 5 & 6 June, 19:30 - no membership or prior acting experience needed to audition, all our welcome!