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Thursday 17 October 201917.00 to 21.00

**UCL Art Society is bringing its signature oil painting courses for all students! **

This course will be taught by a professional artist, Alice White, from Central Saint Martins. This class is suitable for all abilities and no previous experience is required. Whether you would like to build an understanding of oil painting or develop pre-existing skills, this course will be for you.

*Course structure: For the first three classes, a foundation of oil painting will be taught with life models (A new addition for this year). Then you will have the opportunity to spend the rest of the time on your own pieces. Studies will include:

- Mark-making and the Line

- Chiaroscuro

- Human proportion

- Colour theory

- Expressive/emotive colour studies based on you own inspirational images

- Classic composition studies

- Abstract composition studies

Alice will demonstrate various paint application techniques and insights about the entire painting process. The course will culminate in a final piece on canvas/canvas paper, and a brief group discussion.

*Time: 4 hours each class, Every Thursday from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. Starting October 10th – December 5th (excluding reading week)

*Price: Tickets will be 105 Pounds for all 8 sessions. All materials except brushes will be provided.

Important: This course is for members only. Make sure you've bought membership at: