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Monday 11 November 201917.00

Our second oil painting course of the year.

This class consists of four 4-hour sessions; you may be surprised at the progress you will make even through the very first few hours.

You’ll start this introductory course with a session fully committed to a still life, without the use of drawing or preparatory line, to get right the techniques at the foundation of oil painting. From then you will be working with subjects of your choosing. Every week in the demonstrations you will be shown more refined insights into the process, covering various paint application techniques and telling you all about how to use your colours and how to layer your paint so that you can create depth, light and atmosphere; the tutor will guide you through integrating these concepts into your own projects. As always it's suitable for all abilities and no experience is required!

Tickets will be 55 pounds, including all materials except brushes. A bargain for a London art class and an art school tutor!

TICKET SALE TIME: Monday 4th of November 5pm

**If you aren't able to secure your ticket, make sure to sign up to the waiting list and remember we'll be hosting more courses in second term