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Wednesday 14 March 201816.00 to 17.30

It is that time of year again! We need to elect a new committee for next year, so come along to the Annual General Meeting if you would like to put yourself forward for the following roles, or have a say in who runs your committee.  

If you are interested in a position have a think about why you would suit this particular role, and be prepared to say a few words about this in the meeting.

Being involved with Art society committee is an opportunity to meet lots of different people, to organise interesting events and get some skills that will look good on your CV! 

Roles on offer:

President: Head of the society, a driving force behind almost everything we do, in charge of dealing with UCLU.

Treasurer: Manages the society's finances.

Life Drawing Manager (s): Responsible for the organisation and realisation of weekly life drawing sessions. 

Exhibition Director (s): In charge of organising and running the annual exhibition! 

Volunteering Officer (s): In charge of organising opportunities for society memebers to use their time to help others.

Gallery and Events Officer (s): Assist with the organisation of forthnightly gallery visits and events.

Social Secretary: Responsible for social events.

Marketing Officer: The marketing officer's primary role is to facilitate communication regularly within the society by using appropriate channels.

Studio Manager (s): Lead the forthnightly studio programme which offers members the opportunity to explore a wider range of media and artistic approaches.

Workshop Coordinator: The Workshop Coordinator's primary role is to coordinate and execute workshops on and off campus, exploring a variety of art mediums. 

Outreach Officer: The Outreach Officer's primary role is to coordinate collaborations with other societies within the university, reaching the society out to a wider group. Along with organising speeches and events by individuals from outside the university.

Please look out for the AGM agenda that will be sent via email and posted on this event and get in touch with any questions via facebook or email! 

We hope to see you at the meeting!