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Wednesday 4 March 202018.00 to 20.00

Join us for an inspiring evening of talks from people with aphasia. Speakers include:

John Phillip (person with aphasia)
Kika Markham (actress and wife of Corin Redgrave, who had aphasia)
Edwyn Collins (musician with aphasia) and his wife Grace Maxwell (writer)

Aphasia is an impairment of language, which can affecting the production and/or comprehension of speech, and sometimes the ability to read and/or write. Aphasia is always due to injury to the brain - most commonly from a stroke, particularly in older individuals. But brain injuries resulting in aphasia may also arise from head trauma, from brain tumours, or from infections.
Aphasia can be so severe as to make communication with the patient almost impossible, or it can be very mild. It may affect mainly a single aspect of language use, such as the ability to retrieve the names of objects, or the ability to put words together into sentences, or the ability to read. More commonly, however, multiple aspects of communication are impaired, while some channels remain accessible for a limited exchange of information.