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Wednesday 21 March 201817.00 to 18.30

Once again, it's almost time for a new committee to step up and lead one of the largest American Society in the UK! The 2017/18 year has been our biggest yet, including a sellout Thanksgiving Dinner in collaboration with NYU and LSE. This is only just the beginning, however, and we'd like YOU to continue taking the society to new heights.

Join the AMSoc team to see students across London attend events which you have played an integral role in making a success and be at the heart of our huge sell-out events as well as promote culture and diversity across the UCL campus.

You may apply for the following roles (up to 2 recommended):
• President
• Vice President
• Communications Director 

Send in a short motivational statement for your selected positions by Tuesday 20th March to - all applicants will receive a confirmation email. Please also feel free to contact on our AMSoc messenger or any member of our current committee directly to discuss the available roles and to answer any questions. 

On the 21st March, you will have up to 3 minutes to give a speech followed by a brief Q&A. 

To apply or vote you MUST have UCL American Society membership:

It will be held at Gordon square (24) 105.

We look forward to seeing you at AGM 2018 and at our final events of the year. GOOD LUCK!