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Tuesday 6 October 202017.00 to 19.00

Welcome to UCL ABSoc’s (AhlulBayt Islamic Society) online movie night 🎥🍿, an event which will be first of its kind. 

UCL ABSoc is all about getting meeting a new family at campus and becoming a member of this new beautiful family. Socials play an important role to get to know other members. Challenging times due to the current ongoing pandemic situation 😷 has made our team to rethink our socials.

We introduce you to our first ever online movie night 🙌. We all will be watching a movie online together from the comforts of own homes. We will have a vote on our Instagram and during the Meet & Greet to choose the movie we will be watching. So make sure you attend our Meet & Greet on 5th October (Monday)!!

We will also have a small quiz 📝 in the end about the movie and there will also be a prize for the winner 🤩

​Please follow us on our Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with more information about the upcoming events 😊

Everyone is WELCOME !! We look forward to see you all in our upcoming ABSoc events.  :)