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Monday 5 October 202017.00 to 18.30

Welcome to UCL ABSoc (AhlulBayt Islamic Society) 😀 !

Do you want to find more about what is ABSoc? Are you interested in learning more about Islam? Do you want to meet students at UCL who have similar questions to you?  🤔

Our Meet & Greet 🤝 will be a perfect opportunity for you to enjoy a great evening from the comforts of your own home and also find answers to all the above questions. InshAllah we will be kicking off term one with our Annual Meet & Greet 🙌! Join us to meet our new committee, play treasure hunt, meet new members and much more fun 🥳

The current situation due to ongoing pandemic 😷 has changed many things in our lives but we at UCL ABSoc are making sure we arrange ABSoc events with more energy than ever. This year’s Meet & Greet will be online as opposed to our Annual in-person Meet & Greet but we will be making sure it’s more lit than any other Meet & Greet we have done in past.

​Please follow us on our Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with more information about the upcoming events 😊

Everyone is WELCOME !! We look forward to see you all in our upcoming ABSoc events.  :)