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Tuesday 13 October 202018.00 to 19.00

Welcome to UCL ABSoc (AhlulBayt Islamic Society) !

We invite you to join us for our first Dua Kumayl and Discussion Circle of the year 📿🤲🏻🧎! DKDC is ABSoc’s weekly event which allows our members not only to connect with God but also to discuss new topics which will allow them to grow further.

The current situation due to ongoing pandemic has changed many things in our lives but we are making efforts to hold our first DKDC in-person at UCL’s main campus 🏫. In the coming days, we will be speaking with UCL Student Union to request permission to hold our first DKDC on campus but as the situation is constantly changing we request you to please stay updated through our social medias. We will be posting further details on our Social Medias 📱. 

The event will consist of a beautiful recitation of the Dua Kumayl and a few minutes discussion on a topic.

(If we are not able to hold the event on campus then we will hold it online.)

​Please follow us on our Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with more information about the upcoming events 😊

Everyone is WELCOME !! We look forward to see you all in our upcoming ABSoc events.  :)