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Monday 23 March 202017.00 to 19.00

What an incredible year it has been at the UCL Hip-Hop & RnB Society! From organising banging socials to insightful culture events, everyone in the committee has worked incredibly hard to make this year a success. Now it’s your turn to take the reigns for next year. Committee members contributed different amounts of time and commitment according to what they could manage so there is a role for everybody. We have fun deciding what we want to do and then even more actually doing it.

Positions Available:

President (Online Nomination) - Must organise meetings and events, keep track of committee members progress on tasks, deal with external companies and work with the treasurer to secure finances. You can also implement your vision of what you see for the society’s future!

Vice President - To aide the president and treasurer with all their tasks as well as running events as the president would. Will be in close contact with the president to ensure their work is of a certain standard and to help with negotiations and organisations with other societies. A kind of society ambassador.

Treasurer (Online Nomination) - Secure sponsorship, maintain society finance, fill forms relating to spending and invoicing as well as reimbursing committee members for costs.

Head of Music Creation - Your remit will be to secure studio time, radio sets bring artists and creators together to create music. They may even wish to curate a tape of student talent over the year. This role requires previous experience in the music creation side.

Music Liason - This role is essentially the deputy head of music. You will work closely with the head of music, to help bring UCL talent together.

General Secretary - Will be in charge of sending out emails, as well as designing posters and other promotional material for events

Social Media Director - In charge of running all the societies social media accounts, maintaining engagement with members, and advertising future events on socials.

Welfare Officer (Online Nomination) - Is the only member of the Society with access to the Welfare Officer funding pot, and is responsible for applications and initiatives using that funding. Also can collaborate with other welfare officers to create demographic-specific events.

There are many other roles that can be filled and we usually look to have an active committee of 10 or so people, so if one of these roles isn’t for you then there will be something else more suited.
Come down to the AGM to run or to vote and help us pick the next committee for our society.

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IOE Room W3.05 | 23/03/2020 | TBA

If you wish to run for President, Treasurer, or Welfare Officer, you must nominate yourself online. Nominations close 04/03/2020 at 12:00.