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Tuesday 17 March 202019.00 to 21.00

Fellow DSS enthusiasts, 

One year ago, a new committee stepped up to lead this community we have collectively created. Then, this aspiring committee put forth a series of ambitious ideas that would expand on our Society’s mission of raising awareness about data science, spreading knowledge on the subject, and providing opportunities to those seeking to begin a career in the field.  

What an incredible year it has been for the UCL Data Science Society! As the academic year now draws to a close, it is a pleasure for the DSS Committee to look back on the year and reflect on the progress we have made for our community. 

First, alongside Guild, we brought to our community a broad spectrum of leading companies as sponsors, including QuantumBlack, ARM, American Express, LSEG, and KPMG. 

Second, we inaugurated two new flagships. The UCL DSS Hackathon at the Microsoft Reactor brought together the most talented UCL students in data science and business, where they provided disruptive solutions to pressing problems across industries. Likewise, the UCL AI Conference provided a platform to discuss the theme of “The Challenges and Opportunities of AI in the Next Decade”, and welcomed industry-leading executives from HSBC, KPMG, TD, Satalia and Axel-Springer-AI. These top-of-the-line speakers shared the challenges and opportunities that AI faces over the coming 10 years in fields of finance, healthcare, and more! Along with the UCL AI Startup Fair, the Conference established a gateway for students to explore careers in companies using data science to disrupt their industries. 

Third, we established a new series of workshops catering to beginners, through which they could not only learn to code in Python but also develop an understanding of the practical foundations of all machine learning.
Fourth, we inaugurated a Data Science Lab, deploying the skills of our most talented members towards helping NGOs like Fairtrade to generate more value for society and empower their mission through analytics. 

Fifth, we created the Data Science Hub, through which members can better connect with each other, quickly access educational materials for the society, and better profile themselves for potential employers. 

Sixth, we re-branded the society through a fresh logo and image, and re-made our website from scratch to better communicate our mission to you, our members, and to the data science community across the web. 

We would like to take a moment to thank you for having accompanied us throughout the year, and remained true to this community’s shared values and goals. We sincerely hope to continue delivering as much or more value throughout the year ahead. 

Indeed, the future of the society holds great potential. With a platform of flagships, workshops, sponsors, speaker events, and a Hub, the society is in a prime position to tailor its offerings to meet the needs of our growing community with unprecedented value.  

To elect the Committee that will spearhead this mission, we will hold the UCL Data Science Society Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 17th March, from 19:00 - 21:00, at 26 Bedford Way, LG04. Please be punctual and arrive at 18:45 and make sure to bring your UCL student ID (this will be checked upon entry).

Per Students’ Union rules, you must have been a full member (purchased membership through Union website) of the UCL Data Science Society 28 days in advance of the AGM to be eligible to run for any of the available roles or to be able to vote. Visiting and associate members cannot vote or hold any elected position.

If you would like to run for any position in our Constitution, please email us at

We greatly appreciate your support throughout the 2019/2020 year, and could not be more excited to continue delivering value in the year ahead. 

All the best, 

UCL Data Science Society
Committee 2019/2020