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Friday 23 February 201818.30 to 19.30

Coffee House Sessions @ Students’ Union UCL pt.16 with GeeJay.


By taking elements from soul and jazz and coupling it with the sounds of urban hip-hop, GeeJay have crafted their own style of music. The sleek, yet powerful vocals fit perfectly on top of the classy chords and groovy rhythms, whilst the saxophone adds melodic touches to the music.

Gina & Jacob’s shared love for Soul, Jazz, and Funk music can clearly be heard in the music, and is also translated into their live show. On stage, the pair like to improvise segments of their songs on top of live looped grooves, which pays homage to their interest in the Jazz genre of music.

After performing to a sold out crowd at their debut show at the Sebright Arms in London, they have been working in the studio alongside the renowned mix engineer Mo Hausler - who has also worked with the likes of Chaka Khan, Incognito, and One Direction - on their hotly anticipated debut EP ‘Thru Channel’. Their first single will be released on February 22nd 2018.

We’re excited to have GeeJay in #Mullys on February 23rd.


Music yet to be released.


Facebook: GeeJay

Instagram: @geejayuk



Richard Mully’s Basement Bar

FREE for all UCL Students, staff and guests.


3-4-2 on bottles/cans from open-close


Every UCL student can sign in one non-student with a valid Passport or Drivers License. UK Students use their student ID’s for entry but aren’t permitted any guests.