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Here we answer some of the commonly asked questions about the whole process.  Read on to find out more!

What is the purpose of the award?

The award exists to celebrate the contribution UCL students make to the wider community through their own volunteering projects.

Who can nominate the project?

Submissions can only be made by Project Leaders, Club and Society Volunteering Officers and Fundraising Group Leaders.

Can we submit multiple nominations for our project?

Only one form to be submitted per project. Project leaders are encouraged to collaborate on a joint submission.

Our project has been nominated in previous years - can we nominate it again?

Yes, projects are able to nominate themselves again each new academic year – even if you’ve won an award before.

How do we get our nomination form?

Please follow this link. Alternatively, your Volunteering Service supervisor can forward the form.

What is the prize?

There is a trophy and certificates for the Best Newcomer Award and Project of the Year Award.

The trophies are passed on each year to the new winners.

Both Awards will be announced at the Volunteering Awards Ceremony on Friday 25 May 2018.

Do we need to indicate which award we want to be considered for?

Simply complete the relevant section on the form stating the number of months/years the project has been running and we will do the rest.

How are the Awards determined and who is on the judging panel?

The judging panel will consist of UCL and Students’ Union UCL staff members along with student representatives.  Please note that no member of the VSU team sits on the panel.

What are the criteria for the Awards?

The panel will base their judgements on the following criteria:

  • The project was well-planned and well-managed.
  • The project made a demonstrable difference to others in the community.
  • The project was innovative.
  • The project has an evaluation plan, which will be used to improve the project further.
  • Both volunteers and project leaders learnt from the experience
  • There were improvements or developments to the project from previous years.
  • The impact of the project is likely to be sustained into the future.

What is the process?

You need to complete a form and also get your partner organisation, to provide you with a short supporting statement.

What is the deadline for nominations

      Closing date:  Friday 27 April 2018.

Who should we direct any questions to?

      Nick Batley of the Volunteering Service.


      Phone:  020 7679 0119 (Internal 30119).