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You’ve heard this before: Volunteering can make you more employable. And it’s true: In a competitive job market, getting out there in the community can show that you’ve got:

- Initiative

- A social conscience

- The ability to work as part of a team

- Problem-solving skills

Many students discover that volunteering is a life-changing experience, and carry on long after they’ve graduated. So how do you find the role that’s right for you - and maybe your future career?

Challenge yourself

Giving your time for free isn’t just a selfless move. You can find out all sorts of things about yourself, meet new people and broaden your views and horizons.

So embrace it.

Pick a role that gives you the chance to learn something. Or meet people from different walks of life. Or develop leadership or teamwork skills. It will make you a more confident person - and you’ll be able to help others more in future.

Think about what you’ve learned

Employers love people who are prepared to do something extra. But what do you really want them to know about you?

When you sit down to write your CV, take a bit of time to think about how volunteering shaped you as a person. Did you learn to lead, or work with others? Did it give you a better sense of purpose, or a strong sense of community?

Volunteering looks good on any CV - but your next boss will love the fact that you’ve really thought about the lessons you’ve learned from your experience.

Get it in writing

We run workshops about the best way to present your experience to prospective employers

Fnd out how to talk about the skills you’ve learnt and identify areas for personal development.  It’s also great for identifying the volunteering opportunities that will help you develop the key skills that employers are looking for.  Find out how to ensure that your volunteering can give your CV and job applications a boost, and how to improve your chances of getting your dream job.
The dates of the next session get advertised in our weekly newsletters.  If you don’t get these already sign up here!

See what our alumni say

We asked some UCL graduates how volunteering had helped them in their careers - this is what they had to say.