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Hey you!

Yes you!

Are you looking to have a long lasting impact on someone's life?

Well we are sure your answer is a yes so just come and join us !

Disability can never be a reason to stop you from being an active member of the community! This is what we believe in and want to convey through this project. This project will not only be about aiding people with disability; it will also target developing their skills in the process.

We are aiming to tackle challenges facing disabled people during their everyday lives through making customised equipment/accessories so they can enjoy a more independent life. This will be achieved by the help of the disabled people themselves since the idea of the project is not only to find solutions for them but to immerse them in the process so that they can feel that they’re finding solutions for themselves. This means that they will be interacting with the volunteering teams through planning and brainstorming of the ideas to find what will suit them best. The teams will then execute those ideas to the best of their abilities to produce a product which will make their life easier. This will raise their confidence and their will to be part of projects which can have a great impact on the community. Not only that, but it will develop their interpersonal skills as they communicate their ideas and get involved in teamwork.

We're mainly looking for engineers but if you you think this is right for you don't hesitate to register! 

If you want to put your creativity and practical skills to the test join as a volunteering group member. If you are good with graphics and digital art, we are also looking for you!