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Opportunity: Sign up to be a charity shop volunteer

Regular volunteering
Commitment - more information: 
This depends on the charity shop, you can specify your availability when you sign up on the platform.
Opportunity description: 

Want to volunteer, gain experience, and help charities to earn income that supports vital services? The Charity Retail Association (CRA) has launched a new initiative to match potential volunteers with charity shops when they reopen on or after 15 June.

With shops closed and most fundraising activities paused, charities face a big financial struggle to keep funding their services, which are more in demand than ever before. Many charities need their shops to reopen and start raising all-important funds again.

However, when charity shops start reopening we are anticipating that there will be a shortage of people to help out, as many existing volunteers will be unable to return straight away because of shielding, public transport issues, or just not wanting to leave their homes at this point. This initiative will help shops fill those gaps and allow potential volunteers an easy way to express an interest in contributing to the vital work that charity shops do in their communities and for their parent charities.

Members of the public who are potentially interested in volunteering can go to our platform and sign up in a very simple and short process. Charity retailers who have vacancies will then be able to interrogate the database and identify potential volunteers according to their location and specific charity interest (eg medical research, animal welfare etc).

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