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Opportunity: #ShareOneWorld Pledge-Maker - Become a Champion for Inclusion!

Commitment - more information: 
We would like to see the values of #ShareOneWorld accompany our pledgemakers for life. However, the time commitment to complete a #ShareOneWorld project will be dependent on the nature of the project and the pledge maker themselves. Most likely, a project will take a few weeks time to plan and a few hours to execute.
Opportunity description: 

KEEN is looking for its first cohort of #ShareOneWorld pledge makers to be the pioneers of our movement for inclusion.

Take the #ShareOneWorld pledge, where you choose to understand, respect and help people of all abilities and differences around you.

Then, start a project that promotes inclusion either in your local community or across the country! This can take shape in many forms from running a school campaign to raise awareness about disability to teaching tech companies about more inclusive practices (you can find more ideas here:…).

This will be a meaningful experience that spans beyond traditional volunteering - not only are you representing an important movement, but you are also expanding your own skillset through forging a personal project that will surely become an unforgettable memory.

Our end-of-year awards ceremony will honour your efforts in making our society a more inclusive place, with prizes awarded to “Champions for Inclusion” who have completed projects that stood out of the crowd.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

A project will most likely be based in your local community, but it can also take place in a remote setting or even expand to a national level.

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