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Opportunity: Masculinity and Football Podcast Coordinator & Social Media Intern

Short term
Commitment - more information: 
This project will run from April-July/August The volunteers should be available for at least 5 hours per week for at least a two month period during this time. Working hours are flexible.
Opportunity description: 

We believe we need to invest in providing young men with direction so that they can deal with their frustrations and excess energy that are bound to be increasing as a result of the lockdown and social isolation. As part of our efforts to help men deal with the lockdown and social isolation, and to help them find productive roles in their communities during this time afterwards, we are developing a podcast series and social media campaign.

Your role would be to help manage a podcast series and social media campaign that can deal with these issues. You will be recruiting, scheduling and assisting in the podcast planning. You will be helping with social media campaigns.

Football is a central part of many men’s lives. We hope to use conversations with professional footballers, managers and fans, to produce a series of podcasts that can explore the ways in which men relate to various topics - sex & relationships, mental health, friendship and building groups, tackling discrimination, etc. Overall we want to ask - what are the roles of men and of football in today’s society? And how can they be part of tackling harassment, racism, sexual violence and discrimination in order to build better, more inclusive, safer communities?

Last year Good Lad launched Unlocking the Locker room, a series of workshops that give young footballers a foundation in personal mental health, connection to others, and a grounding in how to be better members of society. We’ve already run it with EPL clubs Manchester City, Southampton FC and Crystal Palace, and are looking to expand to other premier league teams and community football in 2020/21.

This podcast series & social media campaign, hosted by Ben Hurst and Dan Guinness from Good Lad, will utilise our elite football connections to ask questions that matter.

Remote working Option for in person meetings but this is not essential
Application deadline: 
Monday, 20 April 2020 - 8:00pm

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