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About the organisation

The Liver Group Charity

We are a medical research charity, based at the UCL Institute for Liver and Digestive Health at the Royal Free Hospital Campus of the UCL Medical School. Our objectives are (i) the relief of patients suffering from disease of the liver and genetic defects affecting the liver (ii) the promotion of research into the causes and treatment of diseases of the liver on terms that the results of such research are published. Currently our primary initiative is the development of a Bioartificial Liver Machine.

As the research and development involved in this necessarily – and beneficially - includes the education and training of scientists and clinicians, we support a number of UCL Postgraduate Students and Postdoctoral Researchers. Liver disease is the only major disease which is on the increase in UK, and is also a global health issue; according to a recent NHS report nearly 12,000 patients a year in England die of liver failure, and this number rises to millions globally. Whilst a liver transplant is an effective way of managing conditions that cause liver failure, 1 in every 3 people die on the transplant list in the UK before they get a new liver. Given that 80% of patients with acute liver failure will die without a liver transplant, this really is a huge problem.

The liver, however, has the capacity to repair and regenerate, but often will not have time to do so. A device temporarily replacing liver function would save lives and reduce the necessity for liver transplantation worldwide. Moreover, those donor organs that are available can then be better used for patients in whom transplant is the only option. The Bioartificial Liver Machine temporarily replaces liver function, giving the liver those critical few days necessary to heal itself. It ‘buys time’ for a sick liver to repair itself in patients with acute liver failure, so that a patient could leave hospital without the lifelong drug regime necessary after a transplant. Even in patients with chronic liver disease, who will inevitably need a whole new liver, the Bioartificial Liver will ‘buy them time’ until a compatible new liver is available.

CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS! The Liver Group Charity is a non-profit organisation that funds medical research for a group based in the UCL Medical School at the Royal Free Hospital.

We are a small charity and would really appreciate for individuals to help us raise funds and awareness to support our ongoing projects, e.g. the Bio-Artificial Liver.

We are looking for Social media assistants to work on an ongoing basis, with flexible hours, likely from home.

Volunteers will have the chance to meet our team and ask questions about the research behind the Charity.

Role Aim: 

• To help us run our social media accounts i.e. Twitter and Facebook


• Finding interesting and relevant publications/news stories to post, as well as graphics i.e. images and video

Skills needed: 

Friendly and motivated to help our cause!


Informal meeting for all volunteers and our charity admin assistants to discuss/allocate roles and brainstorm ideas/goals for everyone and the Charity.

At home/Royal Free UCL Medical School campus
Time commitment: 
1-3 hours per week
Opening times: 
Generally, volunteers can help out at any time(s) of the week best suited to them, independently from home or come in during our office hours. Usually for 1-2 hours per week for 1-3 months.
Once you’ve registered interest in this volunteering role, we’ll send your name and UCL email address to the organisation for their records. You’ll also receive information about the next steps to take if you do wish to take things forward. The organisation has signed up to our code of standards, which includes a commitment to protecting your data. We won’t share your information with anyone unless you’ve given explicit consent to. We’ll also retain your details so we can follow up to see how you’re getting on with your volunteering and offer support if necessary. We take good care of your data – you can see full details here