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About the organisation

Siblings Together

Siblings Together is a UK-based charity that promotes positive contact between brothers and sisters separated in foster care, kinship care, residential care or adoption.

We are currently the only UK-based organisation focused on this need, and are widely acknowledged as the leading independent voice on issues of sibling contact in care.

Supporting Siblings in care and adoption and kinship care who live apart, helping them to spend positive time together having fun and keeping safe within a group. Meeting on a monthly basis at a centre and going out on trips together and playing together to make sure they maintain a good quality relationship together, Supervised and supported by the coordinator for the days and debriefing at the end of each session. DBS and Safeguarding will be offered through the charity

Role Aim: 

Supporting siblings to spend enjoyable contact time together and form positive relationships, Working within a team group for the day. Young people are living apart in Foster Care.


Working to support children to have an enjoyable group outing together with other volunteers and co-ordinator. Visiting numerous centres.

Skills needed: 

Willingness to learn, good communication with children, child friendly, Ability to remain positive and enthusiastic and willing to get involved in activities through the day.


Safeguarding, working with vulnerable children, team work, communication.

London (and summer camps possibly)
Time commitment: 
At least one day per week. At least 12 months.
Opening times: 
Weekends from 10:00 - 17:00.

Once you’ve registered interest in this volunteering role, we’ll send your name and UCL email address to the organisation for their records. You’ll also receive information about the next steps to take if you do wish to take things forward. The organisation has signed up to our code of standards, which includes a commitment to protecting your data. We won’t share your information with anyone unless you’ve given explicit consent to. We’ll also retain your details so we can follow up to see how you’re getting on with your volunteering and offer support if necessary. We take good care of your data – you can see full details <a href=”…