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About the organisation

Betknowmore UK

Betknowmore UK provides support and education services to address problem gambling and addiction. We have a gambling support hub in Islington which provides a range of services. This includes 1:1 outreach and counselling, workshops and community support in the form of information and awareness campaigns.

Betknowmore UK is a gambling support service based in Islington. We provide 1:1 outreach and counselling support, workshops and community information and awareness campaigns addressing problem gambling and addiction.

Volunteers are required to help support our outreach services and community events. For suitable candidates, there may also be the opportunity to provide 1:1 mentoring/befriending to clients presenting with gambling issues. Volunteers would receive full support and training.

We can be flexible regarding times/days, with an expectation that around 5 hours per week are committed to.

We cover reasonable travel and lunch expenses.

Role Aim: 

Assist in the efficient running of the GaMS hub, providing support and helping to facilitate services and activities. Work alongside the Outreach Manager to ensure a high level of service provision and outcomes. A key aspect of the role will be to work closely with people presenting with problem gambling issues and/or people affected by this issue. The OSV will be given training to develop an understanding of problem gambling and addiction and be able to deliver our ACT mentoring to clients with the support of Betknowmore outreach workers.


Working from GaMS Hub North London, the OSV will also focus on supporting other outreach services. This may include, delivering workshops in community, education and business centres, supporting services co-produced with other organisations, distribution of information material and follow up support where required.

Skills needed: 

Ideally some experience in a counselling/mentoring/befriending role. However, if the applicant demonstrates they have an understanding of empathy, good listening skills and a non-judgemental approach, that is a good starting point and we are happy to provide additional support and training around specific skills.


Induction session covering gambling issues and on-going support and supervision

Islington Hub (below) and other locations such as community/health/youth centres. 9 St Mary's Path Estate Office, Islington London N1 2RU
Time commitment: 
3-5 hours per week
Opening times: 
Once you’ve registered interest in this volunteering role, we’ll send your name and UCL email address to the organisation for their records. You’ll also receive information about the next steps to take if you do wish to take things forward. The organisation has signed up to our code of standards, which includes a commitment to protecting your data. We won’t share your information with anyone unless you’ve given explicit consent to. We’ll also retain your details so we can follow up to see how you’re getting on with your volunteering and offer support if necessary. We take good care of your data – you can see full details here