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Groups volunteer


Our stroke survivors groups are looking for volunteers to support them achieve their goals! From supporting our exercise classes and facilitating peer support to running activities and accompanying on group outings, our project offers many opportunities to gain skills in community work whilst providing invaluable support to people in need. You will join one of our weekly groups in Hackney and work together with stroke survivors alongside our staff and volunteers to help them achieve better health and well-being. Training provided.

Support Group Volunteer


Support Groups Volunteer

Make a difference in the lives of stroke survivors and gain valuable experience in the process. We run a range of different groups and volunteers can be allocated to one or more groups according to their needs, eg. high care groups, self-help group, Talk Stroke group for people with communication difficulties, exercise classes, etc.

As a volunteer you will be asked to:

* help design activities and resources;

* run activity during group sessions;

Volunteer Group Facilitator


Become a support group volunteer with The Stroke Project and be hands on each week in our stroke groups. These groups are held in the community and you will be part of a team supporting stroke survivors each session: designing, preparing and delivering group activities as well as increasing members participation through encouragement and assistance. You will gain valuable skills, experience and make a difference to the lives of stroke survivors.