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Publicity Volunteer


Our publicity volunteers work on projects that are tailored to their skills to promote our services to their peers. Whether it be through re-designing our publicity materials or website, creating content for our blog or social media, or coming up with campaigns that cover the 45 universities we work with, our publicity team makes an impact whilst also expanding their own portfolio.


Application deadline: 
Wednesday, 24 October 2018

As an Ambassador, you would be in charge of organising publicity events that increase the awareness of our service on your campus. These events can be anything from organising more posters around campus, to petitioning for staff members to have our number in their email signatures, to running stalls at fairs, and getting societies involved – the list is endless! If you would like to work with both the Nightline team and your own university services to promote student welfare, joining our team could be the perfect way to do this!