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About the organisation

Unite The Union

To organise the workers in all industrial sectors

To defend the members and workers’ rights

To fight and denounce bad and abusive employers

To fight government regressive and degrading labour legislation

To stand for freedom of association and core labour rights for all workers of the world.

To commit with international solidarity with other peoples and workers of the world.

In general, struggling for better conditions of life for all the workers.


United Migrant Workers Education Project (UMWEP) is looking for volunteer tutors to deliver its Alternative Education Model (AEM). We welcome experienced ESOL and ICT Tutors/Assistant Tutors, but also those with an interest in non-formal adult education. You don’t need a teaching qualification to join our project, but we require you have a good standard of the subject you want to teach.

The program is open to all volunteers whether you are at university, someone wanting to gain some teaching experience in an informal setting or someone who simply wants to contribute part of her/his spare time supporting migrant workers. If you are willing to share your knowledge and skills with migrant and vulnerable workers, this is a great opportunity to do so.

Role Aim: 

Deliver basic and free education to poor communities. To help and support the education needs of the union members and other native and migrant workers.


To teach ESOL classes

To monitor the learners progression

Improve of communication skills

To make possible an environment of interaction and mutual respect.

Skills needed: 

It would be ideal if the person is a qualified teacher but it is not a requirement. However the tutor is expected to have a good standard knowledge of the teaching subject.


We provide Union Learning Rep Courses and for the volunteer interested we can provide an accredited Teaching Training Course, Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTTLS)

In the Syracuse University Building (Faraday House) in Holborn
Time commitment: 
1-3 hours per week
Opening times: 
Saturday for 2 hour sessions 10:00am to 2:30pm
Once you’ve registered interest in this volunteering role, we’ll send your name and UCL email address to the organisation for their records. You’ll also receive information about the next steps to take if you do wish to take things forward. The organisation has signed up to our code of standards, which includes a commitment to protecting your data. We won’t share your information with anyone unless you’ve given explicit consent to. We’ll also retain your details so we can follow up to see how you’re getting on with your volunteering and offer support if necessary. We take good care of your data – you can see full details here