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About the organisation

Team Up

Team Up run a voluntary leadership programme that trains exceptional role models to learn leadership and teaching skills through tutoring children from low income backgrounds. Alongside this students use our networks to strengthen their own employment prospects.

Our tutors deliver weekly tuitions sessions to groups of 3-4 students, in either English or Maths, to help meaningfully increase their academic attainment. Tutoring sessions are 1.5 hours long and run for a period of ten weeks during university term time during the Autumn Spring and Summer terms. As a Team Up tutor you’ll receive training, and all lesson plans and materials are provided. You’ll also have access to our Employer Pathways programme, through which you can explore career sectors of interest, get access to specialised coaching on career progression and even be fast-tracked to an interview for internships and job opportunities.

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Application deadline: 
Thursday, 10 October 2019

1 in 3 children from low income backgrounds will leave school with no qualifications. Fancy a challenge? Team Up are looking for exceptional UCL students to join its leadership programme. The programme will run alongside your degree and you will:

-Learn: leadership and teaching skills

-Apply: tutoring children from low income backgrounds

-Develop: use Team Up’s networks to increase your chances of securing competitive internships and graduate opportunities. 9 out of 10 participants in 2016 felt our programme helped them gain professional skills and experience - some even secured internships with our partner employers.

Above all, your leadership will make a lasting difference to the lives of disadvantaged children across London.

Role Aim: 

As part of Team Up’s leadership programme, you will volunteer as an English or Maths tutor to a small group of pupils in a London school. The pupils we work with are capable of doing well at school but currently underperforming. They also are typically drawn from low-income backgrounds. You will inspire, motivate and support them in their learning so that they get back on track, and achieve their potential.


Summary of responsibilities:

-Deliver weekly 90 minute tuition sessions

-Use the lesson plans and materials provided to create inspiring tutoring sessions (approx 1 hr. preparation)

-Evaluate the tuition sessions you deliver through completion of weekly impact registers (approx 30 mins)

Skills needed: 

Skills needed:

- Enthusiasm for their subject and good communication skills: they can bring the subject to life for their pupils

- Excellent organisation, punctuality and time management skills: they are organised, well planned and on time

- Leadership: they can engage pupils in the programme


- Tutoring experience is desirable, but not required!

- Strong academic grades (A’s and B’s), or equivalent qualification, in subjects relevant to the one students would like to tutor


- Resilience: can cope well with challenges and learn from their mistakes

- Commitment: aligned to the mission and have integrity in honouring commitments

- Humility: open to continuous learning and seek to acknowledge the contributions of others

- Self-awareness: good understanding of themselves

- Being inspirational: passionate and can ignite that passion in others


We provide full training including an induction day and online resources.

In local London schools
Time commitment: 
3-5 hours per week
Opening times: 
We run three ten week tuition programmes per academic year. Volunteers will be expected to complete a minimum of 1 programme.
Once you’ve registered interest in this volunteering role, we’ll send your name and UCL email address to the organisation for their records. You’ll also receive information about the next steps to take if you do wish to take things forward. The organisation has signed up to our code of standards, which includes a commitment to protecting your data. We won’t share your information with anyone unless you’ve given explicit consent to. We’ll also retain your details so we can follow up to see how you’re getting on with your volunteering and offer support if necessary. We take good care of your data – you can see full details here