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ReachOut Volunteer Mentor


ReachOut is a mentoring charity working with children in disadvantaged communities to raise aspirations and help them grow in character and competence. We work with children between the ages of 9 and 11 throughout north and east London.

World Stories Contributor


Stories from around the world in one website. Free for all that want to enjoy cultural stories from the 15 languages that are most spoken in the UK.

Help write creative stories, make sure our written stories are high quality, and help children that have English as a second language by translating into any languages you are proficient in.

Volunteer tutor


Volunteer with Action Tutoring to support disadvantaged young people to achieve. We partner our brilliant volunteer tutors with school pupils to increase their subject knowledge, whilst building on their confidence and study skills. Education in this country isn’t fair and we believe tutoring should be available to everyone, not just those who can afford it.

Befriender / Mentor



Family Friends carefully recruits, trains and matches volunteers with parents, children or adolescents in West London.

Could you give two hours of your time a week and a minimum 6 months’ commitment to a family?

Are you a good listener with an empathetic nature?

Can you withhold judgement?

Are you reliable?

Are you over 23 years of age?

Have you lived in the UK for the last 2 years?

If yes then please apply!

Literacy Support Volunteer


Make learning an adventure for local young people - Volunteer once a month with The Hackney Pirates

The Hackney Pirates is an innovative education charity supporting young people aged 9-­12 to develop the literacy, confidence and perseverance that will help them achieve both in school and the world beyond. In our unconventional learning space, a pirate ship on Kingsland High Street, young people work on reading and creative writing projects that culminate in the publication of storybooks, CDs and websites.

Academic Mentor


Oaklands School is an 11-19 school with a small but well established sixth form in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The majority of our students come from low socioeconomic backgrounds and are often in receipt of Free School Meals, as well as the 16-19 Bursary. Despite this, a large number of them aspire to continue onto higher education.

Teaching volunteer

ACS is a non-profit organisation. Our organisation provides inclusive services to local adults, children and families living on low incomes, and support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds’ to achieve and develop new skills. We run services from Monday to Saturday every week. We are seeking volunteers to help, engage and support children with English, Maths and Science on Saturdays, as well as help adults and families in various activities. If you have a skill or talent to share, individually or in a group, we would love to hear from you!

Lauriston Lights Mentor


Lauriston Lights is a charity that targets high-ability 11 year-old children from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. This demographic receives very little specific support from the government, so it’s up to voluntary organisations like us to help them hone their abilities. Over a two-week summer camp, we help these children find the confidence and skills to mean they thrive in secondary school and beyond. We are running three camps - two in London & one in Oxford.

Reading Volunteer

Could you use your passion for reading to inspire a child?

More than 1 in 4 children leave primary school each year unable to read to the expected standard.

If you are energised by helping young people succeed then join our team and spend 1 hour a week at a local school, working one-to-one with a child who needs support. On our volunteer app you can link to a school in your local area and pick sessions at times that work for you.

Find out how you can help to change a child’s story this term!



Looking for an opportunity to make a real difference to young people? We need you to help run the Yes Futures Programmes!

We are looking for enthusiastic and committed Coaches to help run the Yes Futures Programmes from September 2017 to February 2018.

The Yes Futures Programme is a challenging out-of-the-classroom experience that develops young people’s confidence, resilience and life skills. It includes one-to-one coaching sessions as well as three immersive trips to dynamic workplaces, local community projects and a 3-day residential adventure!

Volunteer Play Support Worker


CARIS Camden Families is a small charity that supports homeless families living in hostels in the Borough of Camden in central London. We offer a range of play and learning opportunities to children resident in Camden hostels, to try and mitigate some of the disadvantage that comes with living in overcrowded, under-resourced and insecure accommodation.

Great Men Workshop Facilitator

We are looking for volunteers to help facilitate our workshops with boys in secondary schools for the Great Men project !

We are looking for men aged 18+ who care about gender equality and are passionate about promoting it. We’re looking for an interest in working with young people, and a willingness to learn, listen and be open. As facilitators it’s not your job to give talks or address school assemblies; we’d want you to lead small group discussions, enable

In-Schools DIY Renewables Workshop Co-ordinator


Are you passionate about inspiring the next generation to create sustainable solutions to the problems our planet is facing? We are at PPL PWR. We are a collective who aim to encourage new ideas and technologies to power sustainable change. Our new “DIY Renewables” project is a series of workshops in secondary state schools funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering which allow students to develop engineering skills and create their own product in the theme of sustainable technology.

Workshop volunteer or Local Lead


Eye Heroes is the UK’s first child-led campaign to fight avoidable blindness. Children are trained through volunteer-led interactive workshops to become eye health champions and inform adults in their communities about eye health and the benefits of regular eye tests. We are looking for volunteers to conduct one-hour workshops with children aged 8 – 12 years old in schools and after-school clubs.

Residential Camp - Volunteers


Are you interested in helping at residential activity camps for children and teenagers living with serious health challenges’ We offer them and their families a week of experiences that are memorable, fun, empowering, physically safe and medically sound and we need a superb group of volunteers to make the magic happen. We have a variety of exciting camp roles available. These include: Activity Leader, Team Mate, Camp Recorder (Photographer), Safeguarding Officer & Clinical Volunteer.

Volunteer Outreach


Do you want to help your local community but have limited time? The Literacy Pirates need committed volunteers to help us engage with the local community to expand our volunteer base.

If you know of local religious centres or spaces that are used by lots of professionals and creatives, you may have the natural skills necessary to help us with outreach in letting the most amount of people know about our organisation.

Masterclass Helper


Do you have a passion for STEM subjects’ You could volunteer as a helper for Ri Masterclasses in Mathematics, Engineering or Computer Science. Practice your teaching skills and learn about different and ideas and applications of Maths, Engineering or Computer Science.

Learning Mentor


CARIS Camden Families is a small charity that supports homeless families living in hostels in the Borough of Camden in central London. We offer a range of play and learning opportunities to children resident in Camden hostels, to try and mitigate some of the disadvantage that comes with living in overcrowded, under-resourced and insecure accommodation.

Mentor - Islington and Lambeth


Chance UK supports children with behavioural difficulties. We are looking for dedicated volunteers to join our mentoring programme! As a mentor, you’ll commit to the programme for an entire year and will spend 2-4 hours every week with your matched child. You will plan and enjoy engaging activities that increase the child’s confidence, leading to the development of more positive behaviour.

Life Skills Volunteer - Maths Coach


The Centre works with homeless young people, badly housed families, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants; helping them to obtain employment and break out of the cycle of homelessness and exclusion.

Young Person’s Hostel and Life Skills

Our 32 room hostel is home for 16-25 year olds. It gives homeless young people a place to call home and the support needed to turn their lives around.

Volunteer Mentor


The Kids Network is looking for committed, fun and passionate volunteers to make a difference to the children of London. Our structured mentoring programme supports 8-11 year olds, based in Camden, at weekends with their social and emotional development before they transition into secondary school.

As a mentor, you will hold weekly one on one sessions of 1-3 hours. You will be building confidence, supporting resilience and helping your matched child to manage feelings through a series of fun and positive experiences and activities.

Opportunity: Volunteer Tutor

We deliver tutoring programmes, in partnership with schools, to support disadvantaged pupils across the country. Education isn’t a level playing field in the UK today, as the income of a child’s parents can directly impact their own academic attainment.

We want to change this through our tutoring support for both primary and secondary pupils - and help pupils achieve regardless of their backgrounds. We recognise how powerful tutoring can be in supporting a child academically and we believe it shouldn’t be accessed only by those who can afford it.

The way we deliver our programmes is by recruiting volunteers as our tutors. Through this activity our volunteers are able to develop a wealth of different skills (interpersonal, organisational, communication), it also provides a link between them and the youngest members of their community - empowering them to give back.




Betknowmore UK have implemented the first and only outreach programme in the country with betting shops in Islington and offers you the opportunity to grow together with this innovative field of work.

From working with addicts, to event management and social media, we want interns, mentors and trainee counsellors and anyone who wants to learn and develop within the voluntary sector. Our doors are open.

Study Support Volunteer

Share your knowledge and study skills with local young people and help them improve their future chances. West Euston Partnership has set up after-school study support sessions with secondary schools in Camden to provide support and guidance ahead of this year’s GCSE exams. In this role you will develop your tutoring ability and communication skills, and provide vital encouragement to local school children ahead of their exams.