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Opportunity: IT Learning and Development Coach

All of life’s activities - including job seeking, accessing and managing benefits and housing - take place online. Clients without IT skills are hugely disadvantaged. This role provides clients with either no or little experience with computers with one-to-one support, helping them to overcome initial fears or learning barriers. With increasing confidence, they can access the Learning and Employment Hub independently. The service helps those clients seeking to address digital skills gaps and improve their confidence in order to increase their employability and household income potential.

Opportunity: Digital Skills Volunteer

Some of our students have a learning disability; some may have physical disabilities, ill mental health or autism. We focus on what people can do, rather than what they cannot. The aim of this role is to help students to improve their digital skills and confidence with technology.

Opportunity: IT Teacher

To teach LADPP users basic IT skills such as word processing, emails and using the internet.

Opportunity: IT teacher Volunteer (online)

Many older people become lonely and socially isolated which has a huge impact on their quality of life. Many have begun to use computers, iPads & smartphones as a way of combating this! TVs are also a huge source of companionship and when they go wrong it causes great distress. Quite often the problem is simply that they need to be re-tuned!

We are looking volunteers who can teach our user services how to use ZOOM, WhatsApp, social media, setting up online shopping, create a blog. Please get in touch if you can help!

Opportunity: @Online Club Volunteer

The charity is running @online club programmes in Hackney throughout 2019 for older people. The aim is to teach tablet skills, and practise going online, in a social, informal small group environment. Volunteers will support the professional trainer by helping members on a one to one basis.

Opportunity: SEO Volunteer

Good News Shared aims to highlight and celebrate the impact and achievements of charities. Help us increase our SEO and assist us in monitoring our google analytics. This role is very important to the success of the organisation. We are looking for someone with the relevant knowledge and experience, but also someone with passion and the ability to work independently.

The aim of the role is to ensure that Google Analytics has been set up correctly to enable us to collect all the information we want/need and to help us maximise our reach through organic search results.

Opportunity: Digital Inclusion Volunteer

The Employment, Training and Welfare Rights Team (ETWR) helps our clients find employment. We recognise that our clients are often far from the labour market and so we help them at every stage of their journey back to work.

The ETWR team plays host to 20 computers for clients to access. As well as using these to apply for jobs and training opportunities, we also allow clients to surf the web, contact their friends and family through social media/email and stay digitally connected.

Opportunity: Tech Buddy

To help older people get online, build their confidence and discover all the amazing things technology has to offer them

Opportunity: Data Entry Volunteer

Marchmont Community Centre’s Community Worker with Older People needs a student or students to help enter and update and data on centre users.
On the job training will provided.

Opportunity: One-To-One IT Trainer

To encourage older people to become more familiar with the use of digital devices, to connect with others and to remain socially active and independent.

Opportunity: Mentor

As a mentor, you*ll provide your mentees with encouragement, application feedback and advice throughout the application process. We encourage applicants to do as much reading as possible and provide them with a range of resources to go through beforehand so that your mentee gets all the basic information outside the mentorship, leaving you to focus on the things that can*t be learned through reading. It*s a minimal time commitment that can make a real impact on someone*s future * we think that*s worth doing!

Opportunity: Digital Inclusion Volunteer

To support LADPP users to increase their knowledge in IT and help them increase their confidence so they can use digital technology in their everyday lives.

Opportunity: IT Drop-in Volunteer

The role of the volunteer is to build learner’s confidence using the internet, using the laptops that we provide or the learner’s own device if they choose to bring it to the class.

Opportunity: iPad Workshop Assistant

To work with the tutor to help older people get online, build their confidence and discover all the amazing things technology has to offer them