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About the organisation

London Nightline

To provide confidential listening, support and information to students in London throughout the night.

Application deadline: 
Wednesday, 24 October 2018

As an Ambassador, you would be in charge of organising publicity events that increase the awareness of our service on your campus. These events can be anything from organising more posters around campus, to petitioning for staff members to have our number in their email signatures, to running stalls at fairs, and getting societies involved – the list is endless! If you would like to work with both the Nightline team and your own university services to promote student welfare, joining our team could be the perfect way to do this!

Role Aim: 

Our aim is to have one Nightline Ambassador at every university we work with. This volunteer will be in charge of coordinating publicity events at their university to increase the awareness of London Nightline to their peers.


As an Ambassador, the volunteer will be expected to run at least two publicity events every term. This can be anything from a stall at Fresher’s Fair, to putting up more posters, to working with societies to increase awareness. To do this, the volunteer will be expected to work directly with the services on campus, using knowledge they have as a student to influence their approach to the publicity.

Skills needed: 

Knowledge of their own university, and a desire to increase awareness


Volunteers will complete a compulsory training session, in which they will learn about Nightline as a service, how our ideals should be reflected in our publicity, and how we tend to organise our events.

From Home
Time commitment: 
1-3 hours per week
Opening times: 
This is a flexible role, with volunteers organising the events to fit their own schedule.