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Who are we?

First and foremost, welcome to UCL. We hope you have an amazing time here.

We know this isn’t the way you imagined kicking off your uni experience, but we’re committed to ensure you receive as close to the real thing. As a UCL student, you have access to us, the Volunteering Service. We’re a team of volunteering-lovers and want to bring that enthusiasm to you. We work with over 400 charities across London to ensure you find opportunities that you want, so whether you’re looking to develop your skills, put your studies into practice, help others in need or make new friends - we’re here to help you get one step further to achieving your goals.

What you can do. 

You can browse all our opportunities on our volunteering directory. You can filter by category, skills developed or by department so it’s easier than ever to find your dream volunteering role. If you’re thinking about volunteering in person, we’ve made sure all our opportunities have been risk-assessed and have safety measures in place so you can safely volunteer.

 And we don’t just help you get placements with charities or community organisations - if there’s a cause close to your heart and you fancy taking the reins, we will give you the training, support and funding to set up your own volunteering project in the community with our Student-Led Volunteering Programme. The possibilities are endless, so submit your idea and we’ll be in touch.

And the best thing about us is that you don’t need to be in London to use our service – we have lots of virtual volunteering opportunities on offer, so no matter where you are, you can choose how you want to make a difference. And if you want to start up a remote Student-Led Project, we’ve also got you covered. 

If you’re an incoming Master’s student and think you’ll be having a community focus for your dissertation, you’ll be pleased to know we have the Community Research Initiative for Students (CRIS, for short). We connect you up with a community organisation that is relevant to your research and in turn, you get to help organisations through your learning. 

Want to know how other UCL students have found volunteering through us? Check out our students’ stories; with a variety of experiences, we hope their volunteering journeys will inspire you to get involved.

Want to see more from us? 

If you want to receive the latest volunteering roles from us, simply sign up to our weekly newsletter bulletin so that you can stay in the loop. We’re also hosting a lot of volunteering events over the next few months, which you can browse here (just filter by clicking the ‘Volunteering’ button). And we’re always here if you’ve got any questions, just get in touch.

We hope you make the most of this welcome period at UCL and volunteer through us!