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“Being a Project Leader…it’s like being able to make your own small pocket of change”

Being a Project Leader for one of our Student-Led Projects is a great opportunity to gain new skills, and make a change in the local community.

Our Project Leaders have led such diverse projects including working with people affected by homelessness to create art and photography, delivering first aid training and teaching young people British Sign Language.

Some of our projects are looking for Project Leaders to continue their work this academic year. Do you think you have the skills?

You can apply for the roles by going to our volunteering directory, and emailing us 300 words on why you think you would be right for the role. The deadline for all these roles is midnight Friday 17 July

BE&M - highlighting the impact of mental health proplems in ethnic minority communities

Climate Collage UCL - delivering a game-based workshop and the causes and solutions to climate change

Double Exposure - working with people affected by homelessness to give them photography skills

Environmental Justice Project - delivering workshops on the socio-economic impact of climate change

Healthy Planet UCL - delivering workshops on the impact of climate change and how to campaign around it

UCL German Volunteering Project - giving German language workshops to young people in schools

If you have any questions about the projects, or what it’s like to be a project leader, please contact Nick Batley