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The Volunteering Service helps UCL students get involved in good-quality volunteering opportunities within London’s communities. In doing so, we aim to give students a chance to positively engage with the wider world, to develop new skills and improve their employability. We organise placements with London-based volunteering organisations, promote one-off volunteering, and support students to run their own community projects through VSU Student-led Projects. We also provide training sessions to support students in their volunteering.

We vet all organisations we refer volunteers to, and will only work with not-for-profit organisations with charitable purposes. We will not work with organisations who do not provide adequate support or safeguards for volunteers.

What you can expect:

  • We will treat all members and visitors with respect and courtesy at all times.
  • We will speak clearly and courteously on the telephone and will always provide our name during the conversation.
  • We aim to reply to emails within three working days. If a query cannot be resolved or answered immediately, we will acknowledge the email and inform you when you can expect a full response.
  • We aim to ensure that our notice boards and website are always kept up-to-date.
  • We will make confidential meeting spaces available to meet you if required/appropriate.
  • We will ensure that you have opportunities to influence our work through our advisory group (Volunteering Service Think Tank), UCL Volunteering Society, through your elected Union officers, and through surveys and focus groups.
  • We will follow up all enquiries from students to see if any further help is required.
  • We will provide a supervisor for all Project Leaders on our Student-led Projects scheme.
  • We will publish a volunteering vacancies bulletin twice a week during term time and on a regular basis out of term time.
  • We will offer at least 7 Project Leadership sessions per year.
  • We will provide students with other opportunities to develop through leadership and personal skills training.

What we expect from all students:

  • Keep your appointments with us, attend training that you have booked and let us know at the earliest opportunity if you cannot come.
  • Be polite and treat our staff with respect and courtesy.

What we also expect from all volunteers and project leaders:

  • Act in a safe and responsible manner when taking part in our activities.
  • To honour the commitment you have made to the voluntary organisation or project you work with.
  • To be punctual and give your project adequate warning if you will be late or unavailable when expected.
  • To respect confidentiality.
  • To not discriminate against others.
  • To say no to responsibilities that you know or suspect you will not be able to fulfil.
  • To report any concerns or complaints to your supervisor on the project and to the Volunteering Service.
  • To follow the policies and procedures of your project.
  • To remember that in the eyes of many people you are a representative of UCL and Students’ Union UCL and to act in a way that reflects well on both organisations.
  • Leave our facilities and equipment in the state you found them in and treat them with respect and due care, and ensure that any equipment you borrow is returned on time to a member of Volunteering Service staff.

Comments and Complaints:
The Volunteering Service is committed to maintaining a high standard of service for our members. By setting these standards we can monitor our performance and improve the delivery of our service. If you would like to feedback on our service please email the Volunteering Manager, John Braime. If you feel that we have not met these standards on any occasion, please let us know or, if you prefer, make use of Students’ Union UCL’s complaints procedure.

VSU Operational Policies & Procedures

You can see a full list of our Polices and procedures here

Revised August 2017