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Creating Connections East: UK 2070 Commission on Inequalities
Monday 10 June 2019 15:00 – 17:00
Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, Bethnal Green, E2 6HG

Creating Connections is a regular networking event organised by University College London (UCL) to bring people together from community organisations, charities, residents’ groups, social enterprises and statutory organisations. For our next event, we’re teaming up with the UK2070 Commission, an independent inquiry into social and economic inequality in the UK. We warmly invite you to join us.

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What’s the event about?

Creating Connections East is an opportunity to network with people from London universities and the voluntary / community sector - for this event we’re focusing on inequality and its effects. This is to tie in with the UK2070 Commission, which is launching its first report in June, which sets out the inequalities in the UK and proposes a National Action Programme.

Please join us to share what you know, find common interests with others, and make connections for future collaboration.

Who is it for?

If you work for a voluntary / community sector organisation, or are a member of one, and would like to explore ways you might work with people from University College London, Queen Mary University London or the UK2070 – this event is for you too!

If you work or are a postgrad student at UCL or Queen Mary University of London and are interested in making links with community organisations from east London and beyond – please come along.

And if you work for a statutory organisation active in east London, you’re welcome as well.

Topics will include

Local talent & skills: Come and talk to people interested in: how to nurture local skills, ensuring local talent is part of the economic future, support for vocational training, how universities can support local job markets, how we can help people overcome barriers to entering the workforce.

New technology: Come and talk to people interested in: how new technology can create new jobs, how the Voluntary and Community sector can benefit from new technology, how schools can prepare young people for technological change, how data science can be utilised by communities, what opportunities are there in clean tech?

Local cultural and sporting sectors: Come and talk to people interested in: how to engage under-represented groups in the cultural and sporting activities; what role universities have in the cultural and sporting sectors; the role of culture and sport in economic development.

Supporting projects for the future: Come and talk to people interested in: What types of projects would transform east London for long term success? What services and activities should local decision-makers focus on? What would success look like in east London?

This is a short networking event for people interested in these issues – a starting point for finding like-minded people you might want to collaborate with. It’s intended for experts, beginners and everyone in between. It’s not a conference and there won’t be long plenary speeches or workshops!

Light refreshments will be provided.

Please sign up to attend at

If you’ve any questions or comments about the event, contact John Braime at Students’ Union Volunteering Service (, Briony Fleming in UCL’s Public Engagement Unit ( or Lucy Natarajan from UCL / UK 2070 (

Creating Connections East is organised by UCL’s Public Engagement Unit, Students’ Union UCL’s Volunteering Service and The UK2070 Commission