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Tuesday, 4 December 2018 - 6:00pm


Preliminary Matters

Preliminary Matters



Union Council is where elected student officers debate and decide what the Union should take a stance on and do about a number of issues, it also holds officers to account and helps to direct the future work of the Union.

The relevant deadlines have been scheduled:

- Amendments to Governing Documents- 5pm Tuesday 20 November (to be submitted to )

- Ordinary motions- 5pm Wednesday 28 November (to be submitted to

- Suggested business- 5pm Thursday 29 November (to be submitted to the Chair at

- Amendments to motions- 5pm Monday 3 December (to be submitted to

- If you have an emergency issue which has occurred after the above deadline for motions or concerns a matter which cannot wait until the next meeting, you should send these to the Union Chair at least three hours before the meeting is due to start, i.e. 11am, Tuesday 4 December (to be submitted electronically at

Further information on the submission of motions can be found here,