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The 'UCL Experience' next year...

What is the ‘UCL experience’? 

Our on-campus activity in term one

Working on your priorities

We’ve been working hard to make sure that your views are represented and your voices heard as UCL responds to Covid-19. Have a look at our Covid-19 Priorities Tracker to see what we’ve working on.

Our spaces, open for you

Reopening your spaces

We know how important our outlets are to meeting and connecting with fellow students and friends, so if you’re in London now or are planning to be in the city for the start of term one, we’re ready to greet you. We’ve carefully considered which spaces to open first, with your safety, and the safety of the students who work in our spaces, our number one priority.

Welcome Week 2020 - What We're Planning

This will be a September like no other, and we’re sure you’re feeling both anxious and excited about what’s in store. Starting at UCL is life-changing, and this year will be no different. This is a challenging time for a hundred different reasons and every part of UCL has had to adapt and change, including us.