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Club and Society Election Results (Cycle One) 2018/19

This year a selection of Clubs and Societies ran online elections alongside the Student Leader Elections. The first cycle of these is complete - with more nominations opening on Monday 12 March. The results are below.

To view the results from Cycle Two please click here.

AIESEC Society

Leadership Race: Results

And the votes are in! Thank you to everyone who has voted in this Leadership Race - you have made sure that the cogs of democracy are still turning. 

5,909 students cast 28,578 votes and we can now announce your student leaders for next year. 


Full-time Officer positions

Women's Officer

The Truth and Reality of the "Muslim Takeover" Conspiracy

It’s been over a week since elections concluded and there has been much controversy surrounding it.

Voting is Now Open for NUS Conference Delegates

Voting is officially open to choose who you want to represent your interests at NUS National Conference, the annual policy making body of the National Union of Students’.

The conference takes place at Liverpool in March 2020 and runs for three days with almost 1400 student in attendance passing policy that sets the priorities of NUS for the coming year. Elected Conference Delegates will contribute in shaping many aspects of your University experience, not just at UCL but on a national level.

All UCL students are eligible to cast their vote.

Sports and Arts Officer Election 18-19 - Results are in

We are happy to announce that Jessica Reddy and Rose Evans-Baker will be your Sports Officers (shared role) and Mabel Moll will be your Arts Officer for 2018-19.

Thank you to all those that participated in the election and especially all those that put themselves forward as a candidate.